How we make a difference


Over the past ten years our group of counsellors has assisted many people (who invariably have no back-up support of their own) by being able to work with them over the long-term, often through incredibly difficult crises.  Clients have included those who have been suicidal, single mothers, abused men and women, long-term unemployed and alcohol and drug abusers. 

By providing support for a long period of time and working below the ‘superficial’ level, Mandala’s counsellors have assisted many of these people to approach their lives differently; the growth and support of counselling has enabled them to become more resilient and given them more options in coping with the difficulties of their lives.  Many of them return to work.  They become able to take care of themselves and their families without depending entirely on the social security system.  This resilience has of course a ‘flow-on’ effect, so that the families of these individuals benefit enormously from the stability and psychological security gained by the client.

The Counselling Team

Professionally qualified psychologists and counsellors, many of whom have their own private practices, give their time to Mandala.  Each counsellor is a member of an appropriate professional organisation.  All volunteer counsellors give at least four hours service a week.  Clinical supervision is a vital component of Mandala’s commitment to providing a high quality service and all counsellors attend compulsory fortnightly supervision with an experienced counsellor or psychologist.  As the client group often presents very challenging issues, supervision provides both support and debriefing and is a source of continued professional development.

The Clinical Supervision Team

Clinical Supervisors are responsible for overseeing all clinical activities of Mandala.  Quality control is ensured through discussion of the case presentations in supervision groups. 

Client Referrals

Client referrals are received from a number of community organisations, such as Centacare, Legal Aid, Marrickville Community Centre and Leichhardt Women’s Community Centre and liaison with such organisations is an essential part of Mandala’s work.