Mission Vision Values

Mandala’s vision is to alleviate distress and build resilience in vulnerable people. Mandala does this to maximise positive life outcomes and to prevent psychological damage to future generations.


Mandala’s mission is to provide a community based not-for-profit organization that offers a unique individualized professional counselling service to the most disadvantaged people in Sydney for free, or at low-cost, for as long as needed. To achieve this we ensure our counsellors receive specialised training and clinical supervision to deliver the best service to our clients.


Mandala's foundations are built upon the values of free or low cost professional clinical treatment, in a non-limiting capacity, which recognises the importance of the psychodynamic psychotherapeutic model. Mandala is committed to ensuring clients receive the best quality and most appropriate supervised professional help. Thus we apply rigorous selection criteria to our counsellors and to strive to embody the highest professional and ethical standards at all levels of the organisation.

That involves:

* The need to formulate, review and monitor standards of counselling services provided.

* Recruitment and training of new members on a regular basis.

* Supporting the professional work of members by holding regular communication and work meetings, workshops, electronic media and reading groups.

* Striving to remain open to explore new development opportunities to meet the stated aim of providing direct relief of suffering and distress to those who can not afford to receive counselling elsewhere.

* Remaining an apolitical, charitable organisation that is committed to be transparent and fully accountable in all operations, and to continue to operate in a non-discriminatory and non-denominational capacity.

The representatives of Mandala value commitment, integrity, openness and professionalism and try to be respectful, unconditional, empathic, compassionate, supportive, non-judgemental, reliable and inclusive.