What We Do
Mandala Community Counselling Service addresses the psychological needs of some of the most disadvantaged people in our community.  Professional counsellors and psychologists volunteer their time so that disadvantaged people and clients who would not otherwise be able to access such services receive free ongoing counselling. This ongoing continuous counselling helps people rebuild shattered lives.

No-one is excluded.  Mandala’s counselling is available to the whole community, regardless of race, religion, or gender.  Service is limited only by need;  people who are in a position to access counselling services in the private sector are referred to appropriate private practitioners, which ensures that Mandala’s services are available for those who have no other choice.   Demand is so great in the community for this kind of service that Mandala always has a waiting list of new clients.

Whilst there are some organisations that offer low cost counselling, there are very few which are in a position to offer such a service free of charge to those who do not have the means to pay.  While Medicare now pays for 6 or 12 sessions with a clinical psychologist if a general practitioner makes a diagnosis of a mental illness, these sessions are limited and most needy people are unable to access this service. Other counselling services limit the number of sessions available to disadvantaged clients.  Mandala’s commitment to addressing the needs of each individual means that those clients who require long-term counselling and psychotherapy are able to receive it through Mandala’s program.