Who we are
Mandala Community Counselling Service is unique.  Mandala is a valuable not-for-profit organisation that provides free or low cost professional ongoing counselling services to the most marginalised members of our community.



·      To provide direct relief of suffering and distress, misfortune and helplessness, to those in the community who need counselling but are not able to afford the costs of counselling in the private sector.  Hence Mandala aims to assist those with some of the greatest suffering and distress in our community, including the poor, the marginalised, and the destitute, who would not be able to have their psychological needs met elsewhere.


·      To directly promote the health of the most needy within the community by providing professional counselling to those individuals.


·      To make the service available to the public, regardless of race, religion, or gender.  Service is limited solely by need, and those individuals who are in a position to access counselling services in the private sector will be referred to private practitioners of their choice, hence reserving Mandala’s services for those who have no other choice.


·      To serve the psychological needs of each individual based specifically on the needs of that individual.  Hence treatment may be ongoing and, if necessary, long term.


·      To provide the highest quality counselling service.  In order to provide counselling at the required professional standard, Mandala will provide professional, regular supervision to all volunteer counsellors. Additionally it will monitor and support necessary professional development and training.


·      To formulate, review and monitor standards of counselling services provided.


·      To recruit and train new members on a regular basis.


·      To support the professional work of members by holding regular communication and work meetings, workshops, electronic media and reading groups.


·      To strive to remain open to explore new development opportunities, to meet our aim of providing direct relief of suffering and distress to those who can not afford to receive counselling elsewhere.


·      To operate on a non-profit, charitable basis for the benefit of the community.